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In the context of educating pupils about Social, Emotional and Cognitive Life Skills, one of our main goals is to give those experiences that inspire them to lead.
Instilling leadership is to instil a concoction of all of the above-mentioned Life Skills by which we empower the Community’s most precious asset – its children.

Education is never a ‘Child-Only’ prospect. It’s a complex connection between the Children, Parents, School and the immediate Community.

Apart from the education that takes place inside the school, we aim to educate children in the avenues outside the school. For instance, the values we instil within children will reflect in their personality and conduct when they interact with the immediate community. But for them to propagate these values and principles to others they need to learn how to engage with and inspire the community. Through this project our aspiration is to enable children to understand the community’s dynamics, the channels of development, local businesses, the Council’s role and services, and how to synergize with the different organizations to benefit the community and country as a whole.

From the perspective of Positive Character Reformation, the objective is to instil a high moral code of conduct. Without this the above-mentioned synergy is superficial and without substance. This moral conduct is essential to engage with the community in order to bring it together.



A combination of these skills will result in a community whose foundation is led strong and will become a role model for other communities to follow and be inspired by.


The short-term objectives are:

 Provide experiences that stimulate intellectual processes
 Shape ambitions by empowering children with good morals.
 Instil in them good levels of confidence that motivate them to inspire, and lead.


The long-term objectives are:

 Empower children with skills and resources that help them engage efficiently with the community
 Instil in them values that will close the gap between a widening community due to cultural, and linguistic barriers.
 Giving back to the community so that the community gives back in return and thereby causing a chain of positive interactions.
 Educating children about how the Society functions as a whole.
 Creating strong positive Community relations through the efforts of the School.



A short-term 5-year plan wherein the events aimed at achieving the above-mentioned objectives evolve in their strategies and community involvement. A longer future plan is to make it sustainable and adaptable to different parts of the country, and leave a global impression.



The idea is to incorporate the necessity of Motivation Inspiration and Leadership into visual merchandizing around the school. The idea should be discussed with the children once a week in their classes, or after school clubs. Discussions should conform to present curriculum. Teachers need to be on boarded in this plan through discussions and meetings, as they will play the most crucial role in inspiring children. Once a year, a grand event is organized which reflects the values taught and learnt, and motivates children towards the same goal.


Afterschool Clubs


The clubs will be monitored in such a way that the content will reflect ‘Motivate Inspire Lead’ or be able to associate with the grand theme of this project.



Moral Compassing


This project will be linked with ‘I Am The Cure’ workshops inspired by an initiative in India that focuses on the moral compassing of under privileged children, which will emphasize positive character reformation.


Grand Event 2018 – Motivate Inspire Lead Multi Sports Day 2018

This event will draw in celebrities and influential people who can address children from a Leadership perspective. Alongside this, local businesses and bigger brands will synergize with the school to benefit parents